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Funded projects

ERAPERmed  dialysis “Patient-Reported Outcome, Biodata and Process

   Data to Evaluate Dialysis Tolerability”  (October 2020 to 2022)


– EU-ITN “STRATEGY-CKD”  System omics to unravel the                          

  gut-kidney axis in chronic kidney diseas (2019-2024)

  European Union’s Horizon 2020, Grant agreement ID: 860329                  

  (Glorieux, Argiles, Burtey, Jankowski, Masereeuw,  Mischak, Perna,



– ERA-Permed grant Kidney Attack, Multidimensional                               

  stratification for treatment of acute kidney injury (2019-2022).

  Grant agreement   ID: U1048 (Ortiz, Mischak, Schanstra)



– EU-ITN “CaReSyAn  (2018- 2021) CArdioREnal SYndrome  ANalysis                        

  European Union’s Horizon 2020, Grant agreement ID: 764474

  (Argiles, Jankowski, Mischak, Schanstra, Stenvinkel, Vlahou)




SFB TRR 219  (2018 – 2021) “Mechanisms of Cardiovascular

  Complications in Chronic Kidney Disease”                                                            

  (Fliser, Jankowski)

– EU-ITN  “INTRICARE” (2017-2020)                   

  European Union’s Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie     

Grant agreement ID: 722609


– FP7- Health   EU-Mascara  (2011-2016)                                                                                 
   (Mischak, Jankowski)   
   Closed project                                                       
– FP7-Heallth   SysKid (2010-2014)
  (Fliser, Mischak, Jankowski, Wiecek)                                                                    
  Closed project