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Funded projects

– ERAPERmed project ”Sparekid”. Multi-markers risk assessment of kidney sensitivity to injury to 

   personalize pervention of acute kidney injury (2023-2026). Eutox partners Ortiz/Schanstra.

– ERAPERmed project ”SIGNAL”, Body fluid proteome SIGnatures for persoNALised intervention

   to pervent cardiovascular and renal complications in diabetes (2023-2026).

    Eutox partners Ortiz/Mischak/Schanstra

– Second funding period “Mechanisms of cardiovascular  complications  on chronic kidney disease”,  

  SFB/TRR 219  (2022-2025); DFG-Project-ID 322900939 (Fliser/Jankowski)

– MI-TRAM (Multi-compatible Implantable Toxin Removal Augmentation Module 

   with fluid sensing) features researchers from IMEC, RWTH Aachen

  University Medical Center, UMC Utrecht, and University



treatCKD” Novel compounds for the treatment of chronic kidney disease

   (01/2022-31/2024). Grant ID: ANR-21-CE18-0031 (Argiles, Schanstra)

 – DisCo-1 HORIZON-MSCA-2021 Grand agreement No. 101072828             


– PerstIgAN Funded ERA-Net PerMed programme 2019-2021                     



– UriCoV Funded ERA-Net PerMed programme 2022                               



Kidnew: Breakthrough technologies for an implantable artificial kidney.  HORIZON-EIC-2022-Pathfinder Open 2022 Programme under grand agreement No. 101099092


BAKtotheFUTURE: BioArtificial Kidney device consisting of living membranes for improved kidney replacement therapy. NWO-ENW-Open Technology programme, Grand No. 20775


– ERAPERmed  dialysis “Patient-Reported Outcome, Biodata and Process

   Data to Evaluate Dialysis Tolerability”  (October 2020 to 2022)

– EU-ITN “STRATEGY-CKD”  System omics to unravel the                          

  gut-kidney axis in chronic kidney disease (2019-2024)

  European Union’s Horizon 2020, Grant agreement ID:     860329

 (Glorieux, Argiles, Burtey, Jankowski, Masereeuw,  Mischak, Perna,


– ERA-Permed grant Kidney Attack, Multidimensional                               

stratification for treatment of acute kidney injury (2019-2022).

Grant agreement   ID: U1048 (Ortiz, Mischak, Schanstra)

– EU-ITN “CaReSyAn  (2018- 2021) CArdioREnal SYndrome  ANalysis                          

European Union’s Horizon 2020, Grant agreement ID: 764474

(Argiles, Jankowski, Mischak, Schanstra, Stenvinkel, Vlahou)

SFB TRR 219  (2018 – 2021) “Mechanisms of Cardiovascular

Complications in Chronic Kidney Disease”                                                            

  (Fliser, Jankowski)

– EU-ITN  “INTRICARE” (2017-2020)

European Union’s Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie

Grant agreement ID: 722609

(Stenvinkel, Jankowski)

Closed project

– FP7- Health   EU-Mascara  (2011-2016)                                                                                 
   (Mischak, Jankowski)
   Closed project
– FP7-Heallth   SysKid (2010-2014)
  (Fliser, Mischak, Jankowski, Wiecek)                                                                    
  Closed project